Hindsight is 20-20

( If I could only tell this to my old self )

Of all the things I wish I knew how to do, while I was making a living as a full-time craftsperson, one stands out: How to make my one-time-only customers buy from me again and again.

These days, there is a buzz-word for it: Retargeting.

If you meet your customers in person, you can tell them about yourself and your product and earn their trust – in just a few minutes. Something very hard to do, if you’re an online-only retailer.
The “only” thing you’d need – is to be able to reach those customers and prospects – online.

But of course, there is this big gap between the “off-line” and the online world.

Since retargeting is mostly talked about in very technical terms, in the context of the “online-only” businesses, I wrote a short introduction to retargeting – as it applies to the off-line retail sales.

In short, Facebook is currently the platform of choice, with the best return on investment.

Find the rest of it HERE

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