Your Google listing is your property

(Google is not a utility provider)

Many small business owners think of their Google listing as a utility, that just “happens to be there”, and not something that they have any control of. In fact, your business’s Google listing is your internet property and a rather important one.

Google has actually created a very rich platform that provides a way for local businesses to be in complete control of the way their listing appears in Google’s local search results.

In many ways, “Google My Business”, as the platform is called – can act as your main point of interaction with potential customers and replace or supplement your website.

Also not commonly known – is the fact that as long as you don’t claim your business’s Google listing, there is a chance that someone may do it on your behalf.

It is somewhat technical, as is pretty much anything that relates to SEO (search engine optimization), but once it’s set up and configured properly – and with a bit of learning, you can take full advantage of it, even if you are not very technically-minded.

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