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From Web Development to Web Presence and everything in between.
We develop and support custom solutions adapted to your business and your budget

We are a global team of geeks and entrepreneurs, with many years of real life experience as business owners.

Our passion is to help YOU succeed in making the Web an integral part of your business, your brand identity and your bottom line.

Our Services

Custom Projects

Custom Projects are tailored to your requirements and can be any size and shape

Pre-configured Websites

Pre-configured Websites, optimized for specific uses. Fast setup and customizable to your budget and aesthetics

Service Blocks

Service Blocks can be ordered alone or combined, like Lego blocks (e.g.: Web design, Photography, Consulting, etc)

Site Guard

Site Guard packages are monthly subscriptions. We take care of your website's updates and security


What are Service Blocks?

Many different specialist skills are required, to put a website together. Coding, photography, graphic design, SEO, etc,etc. With Service Blocks, we are able to combine these different skills in a way that matches the project at hand. With Service Blocks, you can order a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Service Blocks work like tokens. They are ‘service units’, that could be transferred from one Service to another and from one project to another.
The current price of one Service Block is CAD$ 34.00 and it represents an average hourly cost across all the Services and Service Levels.

Depending on the level of expertise and experience that is required to provide a particular Service, we pay different rates per hour to our team members.

For instance: a Specialist Web Developer with a lot of experience and ability to code new functionality for a particular plugin (i.e. WooCommerce) is paid at $65/hour, while a rookie Web Designer, who can alter some visual aspects of your website, will be paid at $15 to $25/hour, depending on their ability.

We tried several approaches to creating a pricing system for our Service Products (to take all these variables into account), but each was found to be too confusing to our Clients and impeding, rather than supporting our project workflow.

The main problem that the Service Block idea solves is the changing nature of Web Development projects.

Much of the time, it is impossible to know in advance, how many hours of a particular Service Level will be needed in order to complete a project. Our Clients would like to know (rightly so), what is included in a Service product, while our Project Managers would like to have their hands free and be able to change things, as the project reveals itself.

The Service Block concept solves most of these problems.
The number of Service Blocks you purchase will give you a very good idea about the ‘amount of service’ you’re getting, but will only give you an approximate idea about the actual number of hours of work of any particular type.

Our Project Managers will distribute the work to different people, based on the type of work at hand, balancing the need to minimize your cost while providing the best possible service.

You can monitor the project progress in your Project Dashboard and you will also get a report that lists all the work that was done and the Service Levels that were applied.

The Service Block system is completely transparent, in the sense that you will be able to see what was paid to whom and at what rate. But the reason it makes it easier on our Project Managers, is that they don’t have to know (and Quote) the number of hours allotted to a particular service – IN ADVANCE. This way, the type of work assigned to a project can be changed, on the fly.

Any remaining Service Blocks could be transferred into a different project, converted into Store Credits or redeemed, at your discretion.

We find that the Service Blocks work very well and are quite intuitive.

Please let us know if you have any ideas how we could make this system even better.

How do we work?

In dealing with our clients, our first and foremost concern is to build and maintain mutual trust.

We truly appreciate your business and we take is very personally to provide the best possible service, as we know that your business success is a very personal matter to you.

On the other side of that coin, we also expect the same level of respect and consideration from our clients towards our team members and their work.

We have implemented a granular payment system, in which you can only pay (at your discretion) for the next segment of work (called milestone), rather than the full amount.

Please note that all work has to be paid in advance. Under no circumstances will we work on any segment of any project that has not been paid for.

What are Pre-configured Websites?

Rather than building your WordPress website from scratch, we have prepared the packages with pre-configured premium($$$) plugins, dedicated to specific industries.
The premium functionalities included in our Niche Websites are usually found in high end CUSTOM solutions. They are a distillation of many years of work with many clients. With these ‘out-of-the-box websites’ we can offer high quality web applications at below the market prices.

You are in control of the content and the visual aspect, but we’ve taken care of the code infrastructure that make the sites DO what they’re supposed to do.

When you are buying a Niche Website, the price is divided into 2 parts:
1. The Package + Setup
2. Number of Service Blocks included

What Frameworks do we use?

We currently work with WordPress, Shopify and static HTML

What are Site Guard plans?

Once your WordPress website is up and running, it needs to be maintained. The plugins and the core framework are constantly being updated, either to patch a security issue or to improve the functional aspects.

A Site Guard plan will give you a peace of mind that your website receives all the TLC it needs in order to thrive.

How does the payment work?

Many of the products and services you purchase from us come with payment plans, which are tied to the amount of work being done and the current phase of a project.

It is a graduated system, in which you can only pay for the next segment of work, but you can also pay the full amount in advance, if you like.

The subscription-based services (like Site Guard) and orders below $300 have no payment plans, however.

How do I track the progress of my project?

For every new client, regardless of the size of the work order – we create a Project Dashboard, in which you can log in and participate in the project, as it progresses through its phases and milestones.

Project Dashboard contains the list of Tasks, the names of the Team members assigned to each task – and you will also be able to see how much of it was completed at any given time.

This is also where you can chat with team members in a collaboration environment and accept or reject the proposed changes that were submitted for your review.

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