You can find the details about each one of our services at the All_Services page. Our workflow is described in the FAQ section of the Home page.

For most of our services, except Niche Websites and Site Guard plans, you will first need to complete a form that describes your project. The actual Order placement – for all services, is done at our Shop page.


1. Fill out a Form that can be found inside the Detailed Description of any Service.
Describe your whole project in one Form, whether you’re inquiring about one or multiple Services.

2. We will contact you by email and either provide a Quote/Estimate or ask you a few more questions.

3. After you have reviewed and approved the Quote/Estimate, we will create a Work Order.

4. Visit our Shop, to pay for the order and to get your project going.

5. If this is your first order, we will create a Project Dashboard for all your projects and you will receive an email with your login credentials. The Project Dashboard is where you can monitor the progress of your projects, review changes and important documents, and chat with team members.

6. The details about all your orders, payments, etc. can be found at My Account page. Please note that this is separate from the Project Dashboard, and that the credentials may be different, depending on your setup.