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This service is mostly used by clients who are either starting a new business venture or have decided to re-brand their current business.

Many aspects of Brand development or re-branding can be rather technical and require specialized expertise. Intellectual property like copyright, trade-marks, etc are complex subjects and even the experienced lawyers can get hung up on this.

These days, the pivotal point around which all of the rest of the branding effort revolves is your web DOMAIN name. It did not replace the trade-marks, of course. But if you are able to secure a sweet domain name FIRST, and have legitimate reasons to keep it, chances are that even a much bigger company, capable of paying the legal fees of owning multiple trade-marks and other IP (intellectual property) assets, will leave you alone, for the simple reason that you got to it first.

So the field of Domain name registration and the sheer number or registrars (many of which run a shady operation) has become very dense. Even though domain-squatting is technically not legal, because if a company that already has a vested interest in a domain name takes a domain squatter to court, THAT company will generally win, there are still many large corporations and ‘sole operators’, whose entire business model is to keep track of the WhoIs database ( that contains the information of the currently available or not available domains), buy the ‘good ones’ and then offer those domain names for sale on various online Domain trading marketplaces.

The prices that these ‘squatted’ domain names are sold for these days – are considerably lower than they were in the heydays of the 90s when sold for 9 million dollars and many other similar extremes.

Finding an available domain name that will provide a solid platform for your growth and an increased Web Presence is a combination of skill and an art, paired with a good understanding of the business.

The domain name needs to contain, or relate to the main keywords that your business will (like it or not) be competing for Google’s attention in the searches.

An inept domain name can make a wrong first impression on your website’s visitors, as much as the right domain name will immediately convey what your business is all about.

Very often, trying to secure the name that you’re registered under, as a business – will not work. You have to resort to some creative strategies and it takes some experience and practice to learn this. We are in the business of Brand/Web development, and we deal with these issues daily. Leave it to us to deal with this complex (and often rather shady) world of domain registration.

This is a service that is based on the Standard Service Block (ß) price level (see FAQ section on the Home page). It is also impossible to know in advance how long will this process take. For that reason, we usually provide an estimate, based on your requirements and the description of your project that you will provide to us.

We then keep track of the hours spent on the work and will keep you informed about the progress.

During this process, we may ask that you top-up the available number of Service Blocks, and we will inform you when the pre-defined LANDMARKS ( milestones) are reached. Such as half-way, 3/4 of the available Service Blocks spent, so that you have enough time to re-adjust and reassess your options.

Once you accept our Estimate and if its amount is higher than $300, you will be required to make a deposit of 25% of the Estimate’s total and the subsequent payments will have to be made –  usually at 1/2 and 3/4-way through the project. Please note that all work will have to be paid in advance in order to proceed.

Please fill the Form below, together with a detailed description of your project, to get the ball rolling.

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It is optional, but letting us know your budget will make the planning of your project much more specific and realistic.
By budget, we mean: how much are you planning to spend - to have your actual goal accomplished? There are usually several steps in the process, which then affect the planning and the budgeting of each step.
You can also use this form to get a ball-park estimate from us, to see if that matches your budget, in which case you don't need to define your budget here.
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