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Get more customers from the internet. Pick one of our Local SEO plans now, as a first step to improve your Local Google ranking and take control of how Google presents your business to the world.

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This service focuses on the ‘Google My Business’ program.

At the very least, you will want to claim your ‘Google My Business’ listing. As long as it remains unclaimed, there is a possibility that someone may (falsely) claim it on your behalf.

In short, Google has created an infrastructure that (local) businesses can use to become active participants in the way that Google perceives and represents them to the world.

If you don’t proactively provide this info to Google, it will rely on its bots, algorithms and the social chatter, to figure you out. Most of the time, this works very well. Sometimes, though, it can backfire.
The choice really is between having control over the info that Google will use, or leaving it to chance.

The ‘Google My Business’ listing can in many ways act as your main tool of exposure to the Internet and effectively serve as a business website or as a very important source of traffic to your existing website.

Managing your ‘Google My Business’ listing is something you can definitely do by yourself, and we strongly recommend that you know your way around your Google listing account.

But you can also hire us to do the initial setup for you. By relying on our experience, you don’t have to go through the steep learning curve alone. There are many settings and a few technical gotchas to pay attention to. Google also rewards you for consistently adding new content via its interface.

Each of our plans includes the training, so that you can become familiar with the interface and the most important things to watch for.

If you have special requirements, please use the Product Enquiry form found on the next tab to get in touch, so we can create a custom plan for you.


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