Service Blocks [Hourly Services]

The individual services that you can order ‘by yard’ and combine the ones you need for your project.
Because different Hourly Services have different per-hour prices, we use the Service Blocks as interchangeable units. You don’t order a number of hours, but a number of Service Blocks, that’s all.

To get a better idea how Service Blocks work, please visit the FAQ section on the Home page.

For a Detailed Description of an individual Service, please click on the ‘Read more’ button of the one you’re interested in, below.

Web Development

Most of our Web Development is done in-house, but we also employ the services of Junior Designers for light-level CSS (visual aspect) work and Code Specialists, for well, specialized code …

Web Development Read More »

Brand Development

This service is mostly used by clients who are either starting a new business venture or have decided to re-brand their current business. Many aspects of Brand development or re-branding …

Brand Development Read More »

Graphic Design

Whether it’s just your logo that requires a professional touch, or your whole website uses graphics rather than photographs to convey its message (like the website you’re visiting now), the …

Graphic Design Read More »

Video / Animation

To describe your product or idea, video and animation are always the best. Some of our team members are very experienced videographers and animators, capable of producing professional explainer videos …

Video / Animation Read More »

Web Security

This Service is dedicated to reviewing and hardening the security of your existing WordPress websites. The websites we’ve built already have the security measures implemented and the monitoring systems included. …

Web Security Read More »

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